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3 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain April 22, 2019

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3 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain, ,

Driving through light rain poses a minimal risk — until it becomes heavy enough to limit your visibility and make the roads dangerous. To avoid an accident that could leave you stranded in the rain until a towing service arrives, observe these three safety tips during bad weather conditions. They’ll help you maintain control of the vehicle and prevent collisions with other drivers.

How to Avoid Needing Towing When Driving Through Rain

1. Turn on Headlights

When driving in a rainstorm, you must be able to see the road and other drivers, and other drivers need to see you. In most states, it’s the law to turn on headlights in all inclement weather conditions. If your car doesn’t possess automatic headlights, get in the habit of switching them on right away whenever it’s overcast or drizzling. Also, keep your headlights and taillights in working order so that burnt out bulbs won’t keep you from being seen.

2. Give Other Vehicles More Space

Wet concrete means that your vehicle’s reaction time will be slower than normal. Increase the number of car lengths between your vehicle and the one ahead of you, especially if you’re driving at high speeds. This will give your brakes and tires time to find purchase if the vehicle ahead of you suddenly slows or loses control. Likewise, give other drivers plenty of warning when you change lanes, and don’t try to squeeze into small gaps.

3. Beware of Standing Watertowing

Hydroplaning is one of the biggest risks to drivers during rainstorms. This occurs when a layer of water breaks the traction between your car’s tires and the road’s surface, causing you to lose control. At high speeds, this can be deadly. If you find your car in a slide, let off the brake and turn your steering wheel slowly in the direction of the slide to regain control.


Even the most cautious drivers can lose control. If you encounter an accident on the road — during a rainstorm or in any other conditions — call a towing service rather than attempting to drive a damaged vehicle. In the St. Louis area, Platinum Towing and Transport will assist with everything from tire changes to vehicle transport and other kinds of roadside assistance. Learn more today by visiting them online or calling (314) 300-8694.

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