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5 Signs You Need Boiler Replacement April 18, 2019

Ledyard, New London
5 Signs You Need Boiler Replacement, Ledyard, Connecticut

If your home has a boiler, you’ll need to know a few basic maintenance tips to keep your interior environment comfortable and warm. Part of proper upkeep includes knowing when it’s time for a boiler replacement. If you notice any of the following signs, call a professional for rapid service. 

How to Know You Need Boiler Replacement

1. Old Equipment

Even with a top-notch model and proper upkeep, most boilers won’t last more than 15 to 20 years. Check the age of your boiler. If it's approaching the end of this lifespan, start making your plans now, especially if its service history is spotty.

2. Frequent Failures

An isolated problem with your thermostat or igniter doesn’t necessarily mean your entire system is doomed, but if you have parts breaking repeatedly, this may indicate that the unit is reaching the end of its life. If you’re often calling a professional to make repairs, ask them to assess your unit to see if it’s time for a new model. 

3. Rising Fuel Costs

boiler replacementIf you find you need more frequent heating oil delivery than you used to, it's likely your boiler is using more fuel than it should. As the system wears out, it becomes less efficient at generating heat and must work harder, using more fuel to warm your home. If you have it cleaned and the problem persists, it may simply be time for an upgrade. 

4. Visible Damage

When your boiler's exterior begins to show signs of corrosion — rust, flaking metal, or holes — this likely means the interior is also affected and the pipes and joints are weakening. Widespread damage of this type is nearly impossible to patch effectively, so replacement is a better long-term solution.

5. Uneven Heat

If some parts of your home aren't getting as much heat as you want, it may be due to a single component. The circulator pump, for instance, might be defective, failing to send heated water to your radiators or baseboard heaters. While these issues can sometimes be addressed by replacing or repairing the individual part, if no clear culprit can be identified, you may need to replace the unit. 


Since boilers are complex pieces of equipment, repairs and assessments should be left to the professionals. If your unit is on the fritz, turn to Andersen Oil Company in Ledyard, CT. Serving New London County for decades, they perform prompt and reliable heating oil delivery as well as boiler replacement and maintenance. They offer 24-hour service to keep your home comfortable around the clock. They provide a range of prices and plans, so you can choose the deal that best fits your needs. To get started, call (860) 464-7628. Learn more about the company online

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