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5 Ways Spinal Health Impacts Your Overall Wellness April 23, 2019

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5 Ways Spinal Health Impacts Your Overall Wellness, Florissant, Missouri

Spinal pain will have a negative impact on your day-to-day health. In addition to affecting other areas of your body, it can also impact other parts of your overall health, such as your mental health and immunity. By seeking out a chiropractor, you can deal with your spinal pain in a proactive way. Below are five ways that spinal issues can affect your general wellness.

How Spinal Pain Affects Health

1. Joint Stress

Spinal trouble that has misaligned the spinal column puts unnecessary stress on joints and muscles nearby. As your body attempts to compensate for the back pain, the rest of your body suffers an increase in pressure. This leads to pain in other areas such as shoulders, hips, and even knees. A chiropractor can help relieve joint pain and recommend ways to reduce joint stress.

2. Emotional Distress

back-painConstant pain can take its toll on your mental health. Individuals who deal with chronic pain, especially if it has caused issues in other parts of the body, often feel anxious or depressed. They may also experience extra emotional stress when attempting to do everyday tasks as they anticipate the pain they will feel as they move.

3. Nerve Problems

When your spines are out of alignment, the surrounding nerves may receive additional pressure, which can be dangerous. A nervous system under duress will interfere with nearly every function throughout your body, from your brain down. An interference with necessary levels of nerve energy can even trigger illness as well as numbness and sensory loss. If you suspect that your spine is putting pressure on your nerves and causing pain, numbness, or other issues, consult with a chiropractor.

4. Additional Injury

If you try to move through your day with spinal pain, you may find that you have altered how you walk, sit, and handle daily tasks. It is not unheard of for someone with spinal issues to sprain or strain other body parts, specifically knees and ankles that bear the brunt of your new gait. A chiropractor can help diagnose issues with your posture and relieve existing pain.

5. Organ Effects

Your internal organs are impacted by spinal misalignment. Back pain is often the last symptom of a deeper issue. If your body is not properly placed, organs may not have the right amount of space to function correctly. You may see an increase in acid reflux and blood pressure, as well as allergies and even asthma.



If you suffer from chronic back pain or other spinal issues, Get Well Family Chiropractic in Florissant, MO, can help. Their team of chiropractors offers pain management and nutritional advice to improve overall health and wellness. To make an appointment, call (314) 524-2580. Visit them online for answers to important wellness questions.

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