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3 Ways Plumbing Services Can Lower Your Water Bills April 18, 2019

Hill, New Haven
3 Ways Plumbing Services Can Lower Your Water Bills, New Haven, Connecticut

Lowering your water bill without sacrificing on showers or laundry isn’t as difficult as some may think. It might require a few minor adjustments, but by taking the initial steps, you can save thousands of dollars over the years. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a guide that explains the top plumbing services that will make a difference.

How to Lower Your Water Bills

1. Leak Repairs

Leaky faucets are one of the top causes of higher-than-normal water bills. Depending on the frequency, you could easily lose seven gallons of water in a day. Leaks within the pipes themselves are another concern and often lead to stains on the ceiling or damp spots under the sink. Timely plumbing repairs will keep costs at a manageable level. A professional will fix the problem, determine if there are any other leaks, and ensure that everything is tight and secure.

2. Toilet Installation

plumbing serviceOn average, older models use approximately three to five gallons per flush. This can quickly add up when an entire family uses the bathroom regularly throughout the day. Installing a low-flush toilet in the main bathroom will quickly cut your costs. They only use about a gallon and a half per flush and will reduce the amount of water that the family uses.

3. Showerhead Replacement

Regular showerheads are known to produce about three and a half gallons of water per minute. If your usual time in the shower is a little under 10 minutes, then on average your water consumption will be around 35 gallons. Low-flow showerheads can save water; they provide the same level of pressure as traditional ones but only use two gallons of water per minute.


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