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5 Creative Custom Food Truck Ideas April 17, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Creative Custom Food Truck Ideas, Brooklyn, New York

Food trucks have grown in popularity across the country, but to be successful, business owners have to offer something new. It always starts with the menu. Provide food people want or didn’t know they wanted, and you’ll soon see your custom food truck business grow. Below are a few menu ideas to help start the process.   

What Kind of Food Should I Make?

1. Sushi

Restaurants are considered the only feasible way to properly make sushi. However, modern custom food truck freezers are more than capable of keeping fish fresh for consumers, and advanced kitchen designs allow chefs the room to prepare them. Offer unique presentations like sushi burritos, or poke-style bowls so the meals are portable for customers.  

2. Fusions

The best custom food truck menus offer something familiar but different. Fusion meals are the same. Fusions like sushi pizza, spam musubi, and falafel cobb salads have exploded in popularity in the last decade. Consider the exciting possibilities of merging regional dishes into a menu that consistently surprises.

3. Dessertcustom food truck

Like food trucks, desserts are a great impulse buy. Offering a variety of treats might be the perfect after-hour award following a long day. A sugary cupcake is a perfect snack while walking home after dinner, and a homemade-style cookie might remind you of home. Add coffee and tea options, and you have the perfect dessert stop.

4. Gourmet

Five-star meals in restaurants offer exclusivity and experience. It’s now possible to create these unique meals in portable kitchens. Offer alternatives to classics, like a steak tartare sandwich, or a duck confit salad. With no reservations or waiting lists, a gourmet food truck can turn the exclusive into something accessible to everyone.   

5. Health Food

People who eat on the run don’t often think about their health. A menu of lean cuts of meat, lamb, or chicken breast along with vegetarian or vegan-friendly selections like berries and nuts would be great for runners needing to eat after a long exercise, or people looking for something different from the usually carb-heavy custom food trucks.  



If you’re starting a food truck, contact Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions. This family-owned business has 40 years of experience in the kitchen and custom food truck industry. They can help you at every step of your journey—from developing unique designs to selecting the right equipment. Shanghai can even help you decide the best locations for your truck. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, but also serving New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Boston, and North Carolina, reach out to them at (800) 253-4815 for any repair or inspection needs. To check out their exciting food truck design portfolio, visit their website.

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