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3 Benefits of Installing Storefront Windows in Your Store April 17, 2019

NOTA, Rochester
3 Benefits of Installing Storefront Windows in Your Store, Rochester, New York

These days, every brick-and-mortar store has to compete with online retailers, who offer ease-of-use and an attractive digital gallery for displaying products. Storefront windows give you the chance to put your best foot forward, allowing you to attract new customers and enhance the shopping experience. In fact, replacing your front wall with a storefront window offers a wide range of benefits that can help your business grow.

Reasons to Install Storefront Windows

1. Lower Utility Bills

Every dollar you save on your energy bills is money you can reinvest in your business, so it pays to cut costs wherever you can. Storefront windows allow you to take advantage of natural light, which means you can use fewer artificial lights during the day. Sunlight streaming through the glass will also keep your store warmer in the winter, lowering your gas and electric bills.

2. A Free Advertising Platform

storefront windowA storefront window is a natural advertising platform where you can arrange displays featuring your best-selling products. Not only will this boost sales, but it can also draw in new customers who might have been walking by. For those who are looking to visit your store for the first time, large, well-lit windows will impress them.

3. Enhanced Security

Because break-ins can be financially devastating, security is a top concern for any business owner. Unlike smaller windows, storefront windows don’t open, deterring thieves from breaking in. Most criminals don’t want to draw attention to themselves by shattering a large window, so storefront glass can be an extremely effective, low-cost security measure.


As Monroe County, NY’s commercial glass specialist, Mr. Glass has installed hundreds of storefront windows for businesses throughout the area. With their expert knowledge of the latest products and an extensive inventory, their team can design and build a beautiful storefront to meet your needs. Visit their website for more on their commercial services, or call (585) 271-1270 to discuss your project and request an estimate.

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