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3 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets Before Selling Your Home April 24, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets Before Selling Your Home, Lincoln, Nebraska

You know that you need to get your house into the best possible shape before trying to sell. While homeowners tend to make simple repairs, add new coats of paint, and even landscape their yards, many forget to hire a carpet cleaning service. Below are some of the best reasons to have your carpets cleaned before putting your home on the market.

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service Before Listing Your Home


Dirty carpet can appear old and worn. It may also give visitors the impression that you haven't invested in upkeep and make them more aware of other small issues, such as fading wallpaper, chipped kitchen tile, or peeling paint. A good cleaning can bring a home back to life, improve its overall appearance, and let potential buyers easily imagine themselves living in the space.


Carpet cleaning in Lincoln, NEYou may not notice it because you live in the space and encounter them every day, but your carpet retains odors. It may be something innocuous, like the smell of cooking meals, or something less pleasant, like the odor of old pet stains. Either way, it contributes to your home's unique scent, which you don’t want to be off-putting to potential buyers. To provide as blank of a canvas as possible to visitors, have the carpet fibers thoroughly scrubbed before you list the home for sale.


There are many hoops to jump through to secure a mortgage and pay out a large down payment. After these payments, many buyers won't have the financial wherewithal to immediately start making expensive home improvements—such as replacing worn carpeting. Carpet cleaning can revitalize an old rug enough that your buyers won't include carpet replacement as one of their conditions of the sale.


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