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3 Types of Common Shingle Roof Problems April 17, 2019

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3 Types of Common Shingle Roof Problems, Snow Hill, Missouri

Your home’s roof provides significant protection for your family and belongings, so it’s crucial to give this system the maintenance and care it requires. Though the shingles on your roof are designed to withstand considerable weathering from the elements and ultraviolet rays from the sun, occasional problems may still occur during their 20- to 25-year lifespan. To learn more about the various types of common problems shingle roofs may encounter, consult the following guide.

3 Types of Shingle Roof Problems

1. Ponding Water

Roofs are designed to allow rain and melting snow to flow off the house and away from the building’s foundation. If water is pooling on parts of the roof, that means the system is not effectively draining the water away. Clogged gutters or debris on the roof are common causes of standing water. If not addressed quickly, this issue can lead to water damage to the roof as well as leaks in the attic and mold and mildew growth.

2. Curling

shinglesPoor ventilation can cause moisture from condensation to settle under shingles. As a result, this roofing material may curl up at the corners and leave the underside of the roofing system vulnerable to additional moisture. Depending on the severity of the curling problem, you may need to replace individual shingles or replace the entire roof.

3. Granules in Gutter

Granules are small particles that break away from the shingles. It’s normal for small amounts to break away over time, but an excessive loss is problematic. This situation tends to happen during the end of the roof’s lifespan, but it can also happen if the shingles are experiencing premature deterioration from extreme weather conditions. Granules tend to settle in gutters, which may cause an obstruction that compromises the gutter and roofing system and leads to potential water damages.


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