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3 Signs Your Teen Is Dealing With Anxiety April 10, 2019

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3 Signs Your Teen Is Dealing With Anxiety, Trumann, Arkansas

Being a teen isn’t easy. Dealing with school, preparing for college, managing a part-time job, and maintaining a social life comes with mounting stress. In some cases, it can manifest severe anxiety. This condition can interfere with every aspect of life, and it’s important to recognize when your teen is struggling. Seeing a counselor can be a great solution, so look for the following symptoms.

Symptoms of Anxiety in Teens

1. Social Withdrawal

Anxiety can make it difficult to participate in everyday activities. If your teen suddenly withdrawals from their favorite activities with friends and is spending more time alone, anxiety may be the culprit. Ask why they’ve suddenly lost interest in extracurricular activities and hanging with friends. It may provide insight into what’s bothering them.

2. Poor Performance at School

Your teen’s grades may begin to slip if they’re having anxiety in the classroom. Ask their teacher about their habits, and see if they’re procrastinating or missing assignments. In many cases, anxiety affects sleep quality, which can also impact your child’s attention span and motivation. A counselor can begin developing solutions once they’ve identified the root of their anxiety.

3. Panic Attacks

counselor-families-inc-couseling-servicesThe most extreme response to anxiety is panic attacks. Though not life-threatening, they’re a terrifying experience for the person and observer. Your child may begin sweating and trembling, have difficulty breathing, experience nausea, and feel like they’re dying or going crazy. A counselor can teach valuable skills to control and eventually eliminate panic attacks. This is an important step in recovery.


Therapy can be a powerful resource for people living with anxiety. For 19 years, Families Inc. Counseling Services has served clients in Arkansas. We offer comprehensive mental health services, including group and individual therapy, couples counseling, and general one-on-one counselor sessions. Call (877) 595-8869 to schedule an appointment at one of our 11 locations and visit our website to learn more about our services. For more health tips, connect on Facebook.

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