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4 Boating Safety Tips to Always Follow April 19, 2019

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4 Boating Safety Tips to Always Follow, Coolville, Ohio

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, the Ohio River will soon be filled with boats of all kinds. Unfortunately, boating accidents can happen suddenly and sometimes without warning. Unfortunately, not every vessel will have insurance, making it essential to avoid incidents. The good news is there are safety tips you can follow to help prevent danger on the waterways.

4 Boating Tips to Keep You & Others Safe

1. Always Wear Life Jackets

Boat drivers and passengers are required to have life jackets on board. Make sure you have Coast Guard approved vests which are sized properly for your passengers. Before leaving, make sure every jacket fits properly based on the wearer’s weight and height. The vest should have a snug fit without any loose gaps.

2. Observe Weight Restrictions

insuranceNever overload your boat with too much cargo or too many people. Check your vessel’s manual for the maximum capacity and always adhere to it. Too much weight can cause a boat to be imbalanced, which may lead to water leaks and capsizing. While you’re at it, check your insurance policy to determine if your vessel is covered.

3. Avoid Alcohol

It may be tempting to consume beer and other alcoholic beverages while boating. However, this impairs the driver’s vision and reflexes, just the same as when operating a vehicle on the highway. To avoid collisions with other boats, property, and people, avoid drinking alcohol while on your boating excursions.

4. Conduct a Boat Inspection

Always have your boat inspected to ensure it’s in proper working condition. This includes checking the hatches for any strange odors and identifying holes and rust. A thorough inspection is especially important if you’ve stored your vessel over the winter.


It’s also beneficial to have boat insurance coverage in place before heading out on the water. Since 1970, Simmons Insurance Group of Southeastern Ohio has helped individuals by providing comprehensive and affordable coverage. For your convenience, the family-owned agency has several locations throughout the state. Call today for a free quote. Call (740) 667-3111 for Coolville, (740) 423-7871 for Belpre, and (740) 949-3138 for Racine. You can also request a quote online.

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