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3 Tips for Discussing a Move With Your Children April 22, 2019

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3 Tips for Discussing a Move With Your Children, Fairfield, Ohio

Moving to a new home is an exciting milestone. But if you have children, this transition can be difficult as it involves leaving behind friends and familiar surroundings. Before the movers come, take the time to talk to your children. Below are a few tips that can help you discuss this major life change with your kids, so they know what to expect. 

How to Discuss a Move With Your Children

1. Talk Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until a week before the move to discuss these changes. As soon as you have closed on the home, set time aside to have a full discussion. Your kids will probably have questions; be patient and honest with your answers. If your children are too young to understand, it can be easier to show pictures, books, or toys to demonstrate the move. 

2. Take Your Kids to the New Home

moversIf you can set up a time with the owners to take your children to their new home, this can help ease the stress of the transition. Otherwise, drive around the neighborhood and introduce your child to the area. Show them the school they’ll be attending, the local playground, and other places that can help get them excited for the move. 

3. Involve Them in the Process

Let your child assist you with every step of the moving process. They can help the movers by packing up their toys and belongings, or allow them to decide how they want to decorate their new bedroom. Making them an active participant in the move will help generate excitement rather than anxiety. 


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