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4 Reasons to Repair Your Patio Before Selling Your Home April 16, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
4 Reasons to Repair Your Patio Before Selling Your Home, Chesterfield, Missouri

When getting ready to sell a home, you might be thinking about fixing the landscaping and staging the interior. However, don’t forget to place cracked concrete repairs on the to-do list. This change might seem minor, but it could help sell the property faster. 

What Are the Benefits of Fixing the Patio?

1. Increases Home Value

The National Association of Realtors® found that adding a new patio is one of the best ways to increase resale value. Since you already have a patio, you can make the current one look new by performing cracked concrete repairs. Ensure the patio surface is smooth and flat—without any divets or markings—for the best resale value.

2. Lessens Maintenance Costs for Potential Homebuyers

When looking for a new home, buyers usually search for homes that require minimal maintenance. This means they will have fewer fees to pay once they buy the house. By fixing the patio, you’ll appeal to more people and can get more money upfront as the buyers won’t have to factor cracked concrete repairs into their offer price. 

3. Draws in Buyers

concrete crack repair St. Louis County MODon’t just fix the cracks, but update the concrete with unique accents to further beautify the outside space. For example, have the paving contractor add unique textures to the surface, or paint the material an interesting hue to turn the patio into a focal point that will make the real estate listing especially memorable.

4. Improves Safety

Damaged pavement can be a real safety hazard. Many homebuyers would see a cracked patio and immediately think of it as a potential trip hazard for themselves, their kids, and even their pets. Repairing the concrete will ensure the patio is smooth and level.


Homeowners who are looking to prepare their property for sale should contact The Basement Crack Doctor in St. Louis County, MO, to schedule cracked concrete repairs. Whether the patio, sidewalk, or foundation needs attention, their expert team is ready to diagnose and repair concrete issues. Call the Chesterfield-area company at (314) 931-6000 for a quick estimate, or visit their website to learn more about their lifetime warranty.