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5 Tips to Help Alleviate Anxiety in Children at Summer Camp April 16, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
5 Tips to Help Alleviate Anxiety in Children at Summer Camp, Scarsdale, New York

Summer camp holds many exciting opportunities, but as with any new experience, it’s natural for them to feel a bit nervous beforehand. If you’re sending your child to camp after the end of this school year, there are many steps you can take to quell any uneasiness they have. Discover how to set them up for a rewarding and worry-free time with the following tips.

5 Ways to Help Anxious Children Enjoy Summer Camp

1. Get Your Child Excited

Instead of focusing on the experiences of camp your child may worry about, such as spending time away from home, discuss all of the exciting new possibilities for them to explore. Be sure to emphasize the aspects your child is likely to find most exciting, whether it’s swimming, playing their favorite sport, crafts, or being in nature. 

2. Show Your Confidence 

Children are very perceptive and can often pick up on their parents’ nervous behavior, even if they aren’t aware they’re projecting it. It’s important to show your child you’re fully confident they’ll love their experience at camp. Avoid expressing any concerns in front of them. 

3. Talk About Summertime Goals

summer campHaving a list of accomplishments to work towards may take your child’s mind off the uncertainties of being away. Consider helping them devise a summer camp bucket list, such as seeing different wildlife species, trying a new activity or hobby, and gaining new friendships.

4. Plan Some Overnight Trips

If your child has the opportunity to stay away from home leading up to camp, they may feel more confident. Consider planning some sleepovers at friends’ or grandparents’ houses to ease them into this level of independence.

5. Keep Goodbyes Short & Sweet

Staying too long as you drop your child off at camp can make them feel confused. Instead, keep the exchange brief but sweet, and remind them that the next time you talk, they’ll have plenty of new experiences to share with you—and you’ll want to hear all about them.



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