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3 Ways to Naturally Fight Testosterone Loss April 16, 2019

Springboro, Warren
3 Ways to Naturally Fight Testosterone Loss, Springboro, Ohio

Many aging men talk with their doctors about the effects of testosterone loss, which can impede sexual function and cause weight gain. Fortunately, there are many all-natural methods men can employ to boost testosterone and improve their health.

What Can I Do to Stop the Loss of Testosterone?

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is integral to a healthy and happy life. Your diet should include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In the same token, you should limit your intake of sugars and processed foods, which cause weight gain. Research shows a link between obesity and declining testosterone, as fat cells affect metabolism, turning testosterone into estrogen.

2. Exercise

doctorStaying physically active helps you remain fit, and it keeps weight gain at bay. Aim to get about 150 minutes of moderate activity every week, but steer clear of overexerting yourself as this can also negatively impact hormone levels. For example, many marathon runners experience low testosterone because rigorous training causes body fat levels to dip drastically. In turn, the production of hormones may be halted.

3. Reduce Stress

Doctors frequently warn patients about the negative impact of stress on one’s health. Stress also affects testosterone levels as an increase in the stress hormone cortisol is linked to low libido, depression, and irritability. While it can be difficult to reduce stress, doing so is beneficial in numerous ways. Try to find time for activities you enjoy, and make time for relaxation, whether that involves reading a book, doing yoga, or meditating.


The doctors at Stapp Medical Group in Springboro, OH, want their patients to experience a happy and healthy life. If you have low testosterone levels, they will work with you to determine the underlying cause. Once this is determined, they can offer an innovative solution, such as testosterone pellet therapy. They also offer a wide range of essential health care services, including wellness exams, hormone replacement therapy, and anti-aging IV treatments. Schedule an appointment with a doctor by calling (937) 886-5018.

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