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3 Fun Activities for Seniors in a Retirement Community April 11, 2019

3 Fun Activities for Seniors in a Retirement Community, West Plains, Missouri

A retirement community is a safe, healthy environment for seniors to age around like-minded people, and playing games is a great way to keep the mind sharp. Residents cherish family visits, so when you next stop by to see your loved one, consider the following activities.

Fun Retirement Community Activities for Seniors

1. Puzzles

Keeping the mind active helps prevent cognitive decline, and puzzles are something everyone can do. Puzzles require problem-solving, coordination, and critical thinking, all of which are important for cognitive health. They’re also a great social activity seniors can participate in together at the retirement community. Pick several of varying difficulty and spend time with your loved one putting them together.

2. Yoga

Help your loved one stay active to prevent mobility problems and preserve bone and joint health. Yoga is a great low-impact exercise you can share. Practice it in their room or a group setting, if the retirement community arranges it. This accessible activity welcomes people of every age and skill level. You’ll reap physical and mental benefits as well, such as flexibility, strength, and focus.

3. Artretirement community

Creative expression is a universal necessity for happiness and cognitive health, and creating art is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. Drawing, painting, collage, and sculpting require concentration and create a sense of fulfillment and self-confidence. These crafty pursuits also improve hand-eye coordination and allow the artist to express emotion. Pick up some colored pencils, paper, paints, and other essentials so you and your loved one can get started.


West Vue is proud to provide a welcoming retirement community for seniors in the West Plains, MO, area. Their Pleasant Valley Village and Pleasant Valley Manor communities offer comprehensive senior care services, including medical and nursing care. They have living options for every stage of aging, all of which you can explore on their website. Call (417) 256-2152 to speak with a representative or schedule a tour.

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