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3 Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning May Be Broken April 16, 2019

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3 Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning May Be Broken, Amber-Cheney South, Washington

A vehicle's air conditioner is crucial during the warmer months of the year; it keeps you cool and ensures a comfortable ride. But an air conditioner is not infallible, and repair issues can arise. To help you know what to look for and to better recognize when a trip to a mechanic is in order, below are a few common signs of a broken AC.

How to Tell If the Air Conditioner in Your Car Is Broken

1. A Higher Temperature Than Normal 

If temperatures inside the vehicle are higher than normal, even when running the air conditioner, the AC isn't working as it should. This is often the result of a failing compressor and should be checked by a mechanic. Air might still blow out of the vents, but it will be warmer than normal or inconsistent in temperature.

2. Loud Noises

mechanicA car's air conditioning system should be virtually silent except for the steady whoosh of air it emits when turned on. If there are loud noises coming from your unit, a trip to the mechanic may be necessary. There are several components, such as the bearings and belts, that comprise the typical car air conditioner, and if any of these pieces come loose, the unit will let out screeches, rattles, or loud clicks.

3. Visual Signs of Damage

In some cases, you may be able to see visual signs of the damage that is causing the air conditioning problems. Excessive wear on the compressor or compressor belts is common, especially in older vehicles. Other issues like rust, oil leaks, or physical damage to the compressor—as a result of a minor collision, for instance—will also be visible when looking at the interior of the AC unit.


Always have the above issues looked at by a mechanic. Dave's Auto has been serving Spokane County, WA, since 1979. They offer a wide range of auto repair services, including car maintenance and auto body work. They also provide car towing services and stock a comprehensive inventory of used auto parts. Schedule air conditioner repair services by calling (509) 235-6123 or visiting their website today.

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