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Hebrew School and Preschool Registration Now Open At Your Favorite Jewish Center! July 30, 2015

Long Island City, Queens
Hebrew School and Preschool Registration Now Open At Your Favorite Jewish Center!, Queens, New York

Looking for a Jewish preschool or Hebrew school your little ones will find engaging and stimulating? Chabad of Long Island City, NY, offers the high-quality programs that blend education with great fun to make the traditions of Judaism come alive. If it’s time for your children to enroll in preschool or Hebrew school, learn why this premier Jewish community center is the perfect choice:

Hebrew School

  • Goal: Chabad of Long Island City’s ongoing goal is to create a fun, memorable, and unique Jewish education for children. Teachers continually strive to capture student attention and imagination, with lessons structured to provide a lively, interactive classroom experience.
  • Hebrew Reading and Writing: Hebrew reading and writing is the first component of the Jewish center’s curriculum, and emphasizes letter recognition to solidify reading skills. Advanced classes focus on strengthening reading ability as well as writing.
  • Jewish Tradition and History: Children learn about Jewish traditions so they may enjoy feeling proud of their heritage. History lessons begin with the Book of Genesis and continues through the Jewish timeline via the innovative Beraishit and Shemot curriculum. The idea is to have children experience Torah stories in a hands-on, creative way.
  • Jewish Holidays: Learning about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Chanuka, Purim, Pesach, Lag B’omer, and Shavuot is more enjoyable than ever thanks to games, songs, performances, and assorted entertaining projects.

Hebrew school curriculum also includes teachings on prayer, Israel, and Jewish values.


Preschool at Chabad of Long Island City is available to children ages 18 months to five years old. Five, three, and two-day options are available, with programs tailored to fit parental schedule needs.

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Enroll your children in one of this outstanding Jewish community center’s schools today and know they’re spending time in a nurturing environment they’ll never tire of!

For more on Chabad of Long Island City programs or to register, please call (718)-609-0066 or visit their website today. 

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