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3 Reasons It’s Still Helpful to Own a Printer April 25, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Reasons It’s Still Helpful to Own a Printer, Staten Island, New York

E-mail and file-sharing services have made many people abandon their home printers. Just because it’s the digital age, however, doesn’t mean you don’t need a printer. It’s impossible to replace the convenience, and the costs of outsourcing can quickly add up. It’s still a worthwhile purchase, so consider the following if you’re on the fence.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Without a Printer

1. Convenience

There’s nothing worse than having to head to a print store to print out a boarding pass, shipping label, contract, or other documents for your records. It’s times like these you’ll regret not having a printer. Even if you don’t use the printer every day, you’ll be glad to have it readily available as needed. There are many affordable products on the market for basic home office purpose, so explore at your local print shop.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

printer-alpha-laser-richmondPrint shops charge heavily for even basic printing services. Paying by the page adds up quickly, and the time and money spent getting to and from the shop factor into expenses. A home printer will quickly pay for itself if you use it enough. It’s also valuable for printing business cards, flyers, and other content that print shops and mail services will charge a higher premium for.

3. Preserving Records

No matter how many places you digitally save your photos, financial information, and other records, they’re never truly as safe as when printed out and stored in your home. A printer allows you to sit down and create hard copies of all your important content. You can easily add to it as needed, which is why it’s great for both home office and personal uses.


Since 1993, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. has provided Staten Island and the surrounding New York City boroughs will all their printer needs. They carry industry-leading printers and ink cartridges and offer both printer and PC repair services. You can explore their products on their website or call (718) 317-1263 today to speak with a representative. For deals and updates, connect on Facebook.

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