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3 Steps to Take for a Broken Pipe Before the Plumber Arrives April 19, 2019

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3 Steps to Take for a Broken Pipe Before the Plumber Arrives, Eagan, Minnesota

When you have a broken pipe, there is a crucial period between the time you call a plumber and the moment help arrives on the scene. You can use that window to take steps that minimize the damage caused by the burst pipe. Here’s what you should do while you wait for the cavalry.

What to Do After You’ve Called an Emergency Plumber

1. Turn off Water Main

The first step is to go to the source of water at the main shutoff valve. You can normally find this in the basement or utility room. The main pipe often enters the house on the exterior wall adjacent to the street. It usually has a knife-blade handle, though it sometimes looks like a traditional, circular faucet handle. Turn this completely clockwise to shut off water pressure.

2. Drain Cold Water Taps

plumberTurn on the cold water taps of each sink in the house. This will drain any remaining cold water from your plumbing system. This will save the plumber time and hopefully help reduce your bill. Don't forget to turn on the cold faucet of any showers or bathtubs in the house, and flush each toilet once or twice until there’s no water left in the bowls or reservoirs.

3. Turn off Water Heater

Shut off power to the water heater. That way, it won't burn itself out trying to heat an empty tank. Once it's off, drain hot water from the lines in the same way as above: open each sink and shower tap until hot water stops pouring out. All this draining will remove water from the pipes so it cannot spill into your living areas from the broken pipe, and it relieves pressure on the system until the plumber can inspect the rest of your plumbing for weaknesses.


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