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5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Proper Dental Habits April 15, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Proper Dental Habits, Lincoln, Nebraska

As a parent, you love your child’s smile—which is why you should take active steps to preserve it. Much of that involves making them understand the need to take care of their teeth. With that in mind, the guide below offers tips for getting them excited about trips to the dental office and regular brushing and flossing.

Tips to Make Dental Health Fun for Kids

1. Personalize Their Toothbrush

Many children will get excited about anything that has their favorite princess or superhero on it. Therefore, let your little one pick out their toothbrush from the store. With many options available featuring well-known characters, cleaning their teeth will feel more like playing.

2. Add Music to the Brushing Routine

Many people—especially children—will not brush for two complete minutes, as recommended by dentists. To ensure your child is brushing for the entire time, get in a habit of playing a favorite song as they go through their routine. If your little one is dancing along as they scrub their teeth, time will fly by much faster.

3. Use Toothpaste That Pinpoints Plaque

Since cavity-causing plaque is hard to see, many kids may not understand why they have to practice proper oral hygiene. To illustrate the benefits of this routine, purchase a toothpaste product that is designed to highlight plaque on teeth and have them keep brushing until they scrub it all away.

4. Read Kid-Friendly Books About Dentistry

dental officeIf your child is afraid of taking a trip to the dental office, consider reading them books about the experience. By following other characters through their dental care journey, kids will often feel more confident about their own oral exams.

5. Give Incentives

It can help to give your child a small reward when they practice proper hygiene habits or embrace positivity during a trip to the dental office. For example, every time your child brushes and flosses, you can give them a sticker. Once they’ve amassed enough stickers, let them pick out what they want to eat for dinner or take them on a mini trip—to the library or the park.


Helping your child develop excellent oral health isn’t something you have to do all on your own. With the help of the caring professionals at Fallbrook Family Dentistry, you can treat your kids to a stress-free and fun oral health experience. For more details on these Lincoln, NE-based dentists and their services, visit this dental office online. To schedule a convenient check-up, call (402) 467-0007.