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3 Tire-Buying Tips April 29, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Tire-Buying Tips, Cookeville, Tennessee

When the time comes to replace your tires, you may be intimidated by all the options available to you. There are so many different treads, sizes, and other unique descriptive features for all the available inventory. These tips will help you sort through the options to find the best for your needs.

Guide to Buying the Perfect Tires

1. Check Your Size

Tires come in many different sizes, and only one is right for your vehicle. Buying the wrong size means you may not even be able to fit them on the rim, and if you do, it can negatively affect vehicle performance. To determine your size, check your vehicle owner’s manual or the sidewalls of your existing tires on your car.

You’ll find a series of letters and numbers to indicate the size. For example, P215/65R15 is a passenger tire (P) with a width of 215 millimeters, a 65 percent aspect ratio, a radial layer construction, and a diameter of 15 inches.

2. Consider Usage

tiresMost drivers go for all-season tires, as they’re the most versatile for street use. High-performance models aren’t necessarily better than average ones; they’re designed to handle high speeds better but will wear more quickly. If you don’t like driving in the rain or get nervous about the occasional Southern ice storm, talk to your local dealer about options that offer supreme traction.

3. Age Matters

Just because tires are unused doesn’t mean they’re brand-new. Ask for a set that was recently made. If they’ve been sitting around in a warehouse, the heat over time can weaken the rubber.  Each is marked with a four-digit number on the sidewall that indicates when it was manufactured.


Most drivers don’t have the time or inclination to be vehicle experts. This is why the team at Cookeville Tire & Auto is dedicated to helping you select the perfect tires for your needs in Cookeville, TN. This auto repair shop is a certified dealer of the trusted brands Goodyear®, Dunlop®, and Kelly®. They offer a full range of services, such as custom wheels or alignment, and a two-year parts and labor warranty to keep you driving smoothly. Contact them online or at (931) 526-9022 to ask about getting a new set and a safe, smooth ride.