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A Useful Guide to Designing a Headstone April 15, 2019

Le Roy, Genesee
A Useful Guide to Designing a Headstone, Le Roy, New York

Headstones are used to memorialize the life of a loved one. They can provide basic information about the deceased as well as personal touches like quotes. However, determining what the writing should say can be difficult. The following guide provides the information you need to craft a meaningful tribute.

How to Create a Meaningful Headstone

Decide Who Will Pick the Inscription

While there may be several close friends and relatives who want to contribute, it should be the immediate family members who choose what to write. They’re the ones who have known the deceased the longest and deserve the right to this final honor. If they require direction, headstone designers can offer insight and alleviate some of the stress that the family may be experiencing.

Include the Basic Information

headstoneThere’s a general layout to consider when it comes to inscribing a headstone. At the top should be the legal name of the deceased and underneath that should be the dates of their birth and death. You can include a nickname if it was well-known, but try to stick to the basics. Monuments that are larger can feature an engraving of a family photo or a short epitaph, such as “loving mother” or “beloved husband.”

Avoid Getting too Personal

Headstones are meant to be brief, providing a touching overview of who the deceased was and the roles that they played in life. Choosing to include too much information could detract from the meaningfulness of the tribute and leave the grave marker looking slightly disorganized. Save items like their favorite sports team and a list of their accomplishments for their obituary or wait until the memorial to present them in a eulogy.


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