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5 Pest Control Tips for Your Yard April 22, 2019

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5 Pest Control Tips for Your Yard, White Oak, Ohio

While it’s important to practice pest control in the house, such as never leaving food out and wiping up crumbs to keep roaches, mice, ants, and other unwelcome visitors away, it’s equally necessary to protect your yard. Mosquitoes and flies can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors, while other pests such as termites can easily move to your home. Exterminators recommend numerous tips for keeping these and other invasive pests away from your property.

How to Keep Pests Away From Your Yard

1. Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

Place firewood piles at least 20 feet away from any foundation to discourage termite infestations since they can easily move to your home if they are close enough. Ensure none of the wood is rotted to further protect your property since termites love moisture.

2. Eliminate Standing Water

exterminatorsInspect your yard for standing water that attracts mosquitoes. If you have a pool, for example, remove any water that has collected on the cover, and clean birdbaths regularly or use running water versions. Consider planting herbs that are repulsive to the biting insects, such as mint and basil.

3. Don’t Let Debris Pile Up

Discard leaves, twigs, and other debris instead of letting them pile up to avoid attracting pests. Exterminators also recommend eliminating weeds and keeping the grass cut, so pests have fewer places to hide. Clean your gutters regularly as well to provide even fewer areas for pests to frequent.

4. Clean Your Grill Regularly

Keep up with grill cleaning since caked-on food attracts a variety of pests, including ants and roaches. Use a scrub brush to loosen food bits before soaking the part in hot water mixed with one-quarter baking soda and one-quarter liquid dish soap. Make sure the lid is closed tightly when the grill is not in use.

5. Seal Garbage Bins

Place garbage bins far away from your home and keep them tightly sealed to discourage pests. Possums and raccoons love garbage cans, as do mice, rats, and a variety of insects such as roaches, flies, and ants. Maintaining tightly sealed garbage bins also contributes to a more pleasant-scented property.


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