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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners April 22, 2019

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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners, Chillicothe, Ohio

Owning a home is a significant milestone for most people. However, homeownership also has the responsibility of maintaining household fixtures and appliances like a heating and cooling system—a task that is usually left to your landlord when renting or leasing a home. Fortunately, an HVAC contractor can help keep your unit running efficiently, but there are other steps you can take as well.

4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit in Good Condition

1. Understand How Your Unit Works

Know what type of HVAC system you have—whether it’s forced air, radiant heat, baseboard heat, or a geothermal system. These systems all operate differently, and knowing which one you have and how it works will allow you to better maintain it and troubleshoot problems—without the help of an HVAC contractor. Also, read and understand the warranty that covers your unit. If something becomes damaged and needs to be repaired, you’ll know what you’re covered for.

2. Change the Air Filters

Because the unit's air filters are out of sight, they often get overlooked by new homeowners. However, HVAC contractors recommend that you get this task done at least once every three months—or more frequently if you have pets or someone in your home experiences allergies or asthma. Filters in vacation homes that go unoccupied for much of the year might only need to be replaced once every six to 12 months.

3. Get Professional Maintenance

HVAC contractorWhile you can do a lot to maintain your heating and cooling unit on your own, it will still need professional attention at least once every year to ensure its proper function. An HVAC contractor will check the system for any damage or issues that could undermine the unit's efficiency. The most crucial time for HVAC maintenance is during the spring or fall when dramatic temperature changes can impact the unit the most.

4. Keep the Vents Open

Vents help keep the unit cool and running efficiently. As such, don’t close the registers or block them with blankets, furniture, or any other object. Making this mistake requires the HVAC unit to work harder to maintain the comfort levels inside your home. Keep in mind that prolonged blockage could overheat the unit and cause it to malfunction. You’ll also end up using more energy, increasing your utility bills.  


If you're a new homeowner who needs advice on how to operate and maintain your HVAC system, consult the experts at Lenox Heating & Cooling. They specialize in HVAC installations and repairs and also work on water heaters and geothermal heat pumps within Ross County and Chillicothe, OH. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor by calling (740) 702-2665, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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