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Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Monitoring Systems April 15, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Monitoring Systems, Waterford, Connecticut

The Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) is a device that utilizes an array of 24 satellites in orbit around the world to pinpoint its location within a few meters. Originated by the U.S. Department of Defense, it’s now indispensable for countless private users around the globe. GPS tracking systems, for instance, are invaluable for driving companies, as they can track their fleets at all times. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

5 FAQ About Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

What is a GPS tracking system?

GPS tracking systemA GPS tracker in a commercial or private vehicle allows parents, business managers, or others monitoring the system, to know the precise location, direction, and speed of any vehicle. It’s useful for parents wary about their teen driver, adult children of senior parents concerned about waning driving abilities, and fleet owners and managers who want to track their drivers’ productivity. 

How can it improve customer satisfaction?

It enables fleet managers to predict arrival times with great accuracy. It also permits routing of nearby cars or trucks to last-minute customers.

How does a GPS tracking system improve productivity?

It enables managers to monitor driver activity while on the road. For instance, it allows you to see who is taking long lunch hours or unauthorized breaks based on the driver’s route. It also allows you to see who is working overtime.

How does it improve safety?

Not only does a GPS tracking system allow you to track lost or stolen vehicles, but it lets you monitor speeds and stoppages as well. That way, you can tell which drivers frequently violate posted speed limits or those who do not take rest breaks as required by law.

How does it save money?

Many insurers offer discounts for vehicles with GPS tracking systems in place because they are considered lower risks. It identifies drivers who speed frequently and waste fuel. It also reminds users when scheduled maintenance is due, extending vehicle life and wear and tear costs.



To discuss the installation of a GPS tracking system in your vehicle or fleet, contact ASP Security Systems in Waterford, CT. They have been serving Connecticut and Western Rhode Island since 1972 and offer alarm monitoring, surveillance camera installation, and even fire alarm inspections. Visit them online to read more about their vehicle tracking services or call (860) 442-2016 to arrange a consultation.

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