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3 Ways to Refresh Your Home After Becoming an Empty-Nester April 12, 2019

North Haven, New Haven County
3 Ways to Refresh Your Home After Becoming an Empty-Nester, North Haven, Connecticut

Once the kids leave home, you might be overwhelmed by your emotions. While this is natural, it’s also a great time to consider hiring a home improvement contractor to give your home a makeover. If you have no plans to move and want to make sure that you can comfortably remain in your home for years to come, these suggestions can help you make the most of your extra space.

How to Adapt Your Home When You Become an Empty-Nester

1. Design a Hobby Room

home improvement contractorMaybe you’ve always struggled to find reasonable space to do what you love inside the house, whether it’s knitting, painting, or watching movies on a big-screen television. Now that you have extra space, you can design a hobby room. Adding bright lighting, removing bedroom furniture, and outfitting it with what you need is a great way to make clever use of the room. If the space is smaller than you’d like, ask a home improvement contractor about the possibility of expanding it so that it better meets your needs.

2. Tear Down a Wall

Have you ever wished that the house were larger or that you had more space in your bedroom? Consider tearing down a wall between two bedrooms to create the large, roomy suite. Your home improvement contractor can determine if it’s possible to do so, or whether a home addition might be a more sensible option depending on the amount of room available. Either way, you can transform the way you live by adding to your living space and enjoying enhanced comfort.

3. Add a Guest Room

After the kids move out, you might also be more inclined to invite out-of-town family and friends to stay overnight. You can provide them with a beautiful place to stay by converting your adult child’s room into a guest suite. Take into account the existing setup of the room. Could it use a window replacement to improve its comfort? Would a few new pieces of furniture make it cozier? These are important factors that your guests will appreciate.



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