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3 Advantages of Brick Exteriors April 16, 2019

Gates, Monroe
3 Advantages of Brick Exteriors, Gates, New York

Brick homes are instantly recognizable. They’re stylish, durable, and due to brick’s higher value, they’re often worth more. Brick enhances curb appeal and complements your landscaping, and it also offers many functional advantages over other exterior building materials. Here are three of the biggest benefits of building with brick.

What Makes Brick Exteriors Superior?

landscaping1. Low Maintenance

Brick is a homeowner-friendly material that doesn’t require much of a time commitment. You won’t need to worry about the material losing its efficiency or withering in inclement conditions. It’s highly tolerant of everything from heavy winds to potent ultraviolet rays to even termites. For the first 25 years of its life, you can clean your brick exterior simply by hosing it down with some water whenever you tend to your landscaping. As it ages, it may develop chips or cracks that require professional repairs. However, these are typically minor fixes, so long as they’re handled promptly.

2. Improved Comfort

Brick is a popular choice for its energy efficiency. Unlike wood, stucco, and siding, the material slows down the natural transfer of heat into the home. As a result, you’re less likely to depend on your air conditioner since the home won’t feel as hot. You’ll use your heater less during the winter, since brick locks out cold air effectively. You won’t just save money; you’ll also feel far more comfortable year round.

3. Elevated Appearance

As a homeowner, you take curb appeal seriously, from your landscaping to your home’s exterior. Brick has an undeniable aesthetic appeal; it’s versatile and can complement many different home designs and styles of landscaping. A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that brick was the preferred material among buyers both for its energy-sparing properties and its striking look. Given brick’s aesthetic appeal, it’s no wonder that brick has also been shown to increase the value of a home.



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