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5 Ways to Stay Active During Pregnancy April 3, 2020

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5 Ways to Stay Active During Pregnancy, Suffern, New York

Make your pregnancy and home delivery as healthy and easy as possible not only by eating well, drinking water, and taking prenatal vitamins, but by staying active as well. Exercise offers several health benefits, including those specific to expecting moms such as fewer muscle aches and sciatica problems, increased blood circulation to accommodate extra blood volume, and better moods. Use these tips to inspire a pregnancy exercise routine and remember to discuss what is safe with your midwife.

5 Tips For Enjoying An Active Pregnancy

1. Walk Whenever You Can

Walk as much as possible early in your pregnancy and stick with it to help control your weight, tone your muscles, and maintain your posture. A low-impact exercise, walking will not stress the joints or disrupt the baby in any way. Go for walks around the block with your partner or friends in the early evening.

2. Take Up Yoga Or Pilates

pregnancyTry yoga or Pilates to enjoy a wide range of pregnancy health benefits. Both of these low-impact exercises fortify your pelvic floor for an easier, quicker home birth while also strengthening your muscles and posture as you accommodate the increasing frontal weight. Pilates and yoga also increase flexibility, improve moods, and reduce back pain.

3. Get Into Cleaning & Gardening

Burn calories and tone your muscles as you clean your home. Organize and clean before you are busy with the baby to save time and stress. Pregnancy also provides the chance to organize and landscape your yard so you have beautiful features to enjoy post-delivery. Do not perform any hardscaping or serious landscaping tasks yourself—hire a professional instead.

4. Go Swimming

Feel buoyant during your pregnancy by swimming regularly. Another outstanding low-impact exercise, swimming reduces or eliminates aches and pains from extra weight. Walking in the water also offers benefits because it strengthens the pelvis, among other muscles.

5. Make Squatting A Habit

Start squatting if you intend to use the position for an easier labor. Squatting increases pelvic outlet size so the baby has more room as it descends. Perform the exercise a few times a day so your pelvic floor, as well as your legs, are ready for delivery.



Stay active during pregnancy and work with the certified nurse-midwives at Home Birth with Love to streamline your labor. The home delivery service provides expecting mothers throughout New York’s Westchester, Orange, and Rockland counties, as well as Bergen County, NJ, with prenatal care and holistic birthing. Call (845) 641-5058 today to schedule a free consultation or visit the natural birth service online for more information. 

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