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4 Easy Floss Alternatives for Kids April 18, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Easy Floss Alternatives for Kids, Honolulu, Hawaii

Flossing is an essential part of dental care and achieving a healthy smile. However, many children find it cumbersome. If yours are having difficulty, explore the following convenient alternatives with their pediatric dentist.

4 Pediatric Dentist-Approved Floss Alternatives

1. Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes have the handle of a toothbrush, but the head has a thin spiral of wire covered in bristles that resembles a pipe cleaner. Children can handle them with one hand, and the heads come in a variety of sizes. However, they can be tricky to fit between teeth, especially the ones toward the back; your pediatric dentist can teach your children how to angle it to target the crevice.

2. Floss Picks

pediatric-dentist-pediatric-dentistry-kahalaFloss picks feature a wand-like stem and forked end with a piece of floss tied between and are typically disposable. They come with both short and long handles to help children with maneuverability. Make sure your children don’t share the same picks with one another, and dispose of them after use to avoid spreading germs.

3. Air Flossers

Air flossers fire a small, powerful jet of compressed air between teeth to dislodge food and debris. They also come in air and water combinations to help remove plaque. They do require more dexterity to handle, so they’re better suited for older children.

4. Water Flossers

Water picks project a high-powered water jet to clean even the tightest of crevices. The water pressure can be adjusted as needed, and many products feature various wand heads for different cleaning needs. Like air flossers, they require more strength to operate, so consider your child’s capabilities.


If your child is having difficulty with traditional floss, bring them to see the team at Pediatric Dentistry Kahala in Honolulu for expert recommendations. Dr. Allen K. Hirai, one of the only non-sedation dentists in the state, has over 24 years of experience and takes a personalized approach to kids’ dentistry. Call (808) 737-0076 to schedule a visit with the pediatric dentist. Learn more about their offerings on their website, and connect on Facebook for news and health tips.

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