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Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Up the Yard for Spring April 11, 2019

Ballwin, St. Louis County
Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Up the Yard for Spring, Ballwin, Missouri

Cleaning up the yard is an essential task to perform during spring. It provides an opportunity to clear away debris and prepare the property for an abundance of new growth. However, knowing which steps to take can be a challenge, especially when lawn care isn’t a part of your routine. Simplify the process by considering the following do’s and don’ts.


Spruce up the landscaping.

Giving the property a minor overhaul instantly improves its curb appeal. Whether it’s cleaning up the edges of the garden or installing a retaining wall, taking steps to revamp the design will make the landscape feel new and fresh. Even small changes, such as swapping out existing flowers and setting up regular lawn care, could make a difference.

Overseed and fertilize the yard.

lawn careIt’s common for brown spots to appear in the grass after months of snow and ice. Spreading additional seed and fertilizer at the start of the season is the best form of lawn care. Not only does it ensure an even distribution of new growth, but it also provides the nutrients necessary for strong roots.


Neglect to clean out the gutters.

Leaves catch and collect within various points of your drainage system. Not cleaning them out before the spring rains arrive allows clogs to develop and increase the potential for leaks. Scheduling a full inspection is the only way to maintain proper drainage and protect the condition of your home.

Use loose debris as mulch.

While it may seem like an easy way to reuse materials, spreading loose debris throughout the garden isn’t the healthiest solution. Leaves could contain moisture that will promote mold growth and grass clippings might cause weeds to begin spreading rapidly. Using specialized mulch made with organic material prevents these issues and improves the property’s appearance.


Ensure your lawn is ready for the new season by working with the professionals at A Kick in the Grass Lawn Service. These landscape contractors have more than 14 years of experience and specialize in a wide assortment of lawn care services, including routine maintenance, fertilization, and cleanup. They work with residential and commercial clients throughout Ellisville, MO, and they are recognized for their attention to detail. Learn more about this local company’s qualifications by visiting their website. Call (314) 471-6186 to set up a lawn care appointment.

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