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3 Tips for Preparing Your AC for Spring April 11, 2019

Columbia, Monroe
3 Tips for Preparing Your AC for Spring, Columbia, Illinois

Spring brings an increase in humidity and higher electricity bills as the weather pushes your air conditioner to work hard. But you won't be able to enjoy it for long if it's not performing optimally. Take steps to prepare your HVAC system in anticipation of a long and hot season. Here are some tips on what to do.

3 Methods to Ready Your Air Conditioner for Spring

1. Do a Visual Inspection

Give your air conditioner a once over first. For an outdoor unit, check for nests, leaves, and twigs that were blown in as well as weeds that might've sprung up. Clear any debris that you find to ensure your unit can take in plenty of air to run efficiently. The harder your unit works to draw in air, the more energy it uses. You should also inspect your AC unit for limescale, rust, and any exterior signs of wear.

2. Replace the Air Filter

air conditionerSpring is an ideal time to replace the air filter. The old one is likely clogged from all the dust and dirt it accumulated during winter. It will inhibit airflow and place a strain on the unit. A clean filter will allow maximum air flow so your air conditioner will run efficiently — this will improve the overall air quality in your home as well.

3. Clean Air Ducts & Vents

Air circulates in your home through the AC and the air ducts. If these passages are dirty and contain debris, the airflow will carry some of these contaminants throughout the house. Blocked vents could also cause the AC coils to freeze up. This will reduce the unit's capacity and damage the compressor. Cleaning the air ducts and vents are essential for your air conditioner to work optimally and to protect your family from allergens.


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