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How to Start Up Your Air Conditioner for Warmer Weather April 15, 2019

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How to Start Up Your Air Conditioner for Warmer Weather, High Point, North Carolina

Keeping your home cool and comfy throughout the warmer seasons largely depends on whether your air conditioning unit can perform up to par. To ensure that you won’t be calling for air conditioner repairs amid sweltering heat, prepare your cooling system for heavy use by starting it up the right way. Here’s how to make your AC runs cool even when things heat up.

How to Prep Your Cooling System

Air conditioners work the hardest during the hottest of days, so make sure they’re ready to take on the heat with a few checks and routine maintenance.

  • Start from the Inside: Turn the thermostat off before switching to cooling. Make sure that the air vents and grills are free from any obstructions. Check the drain lines for clogging or debris buildup, and clean dirty indoor coils. Similarly, examine the air filters and have them cleaned or replaced ahead of the cooling season.

  • Take It Outside: Perform a visual inspection on your outdoor unit, and remove anything that blocks or restricts air circulation, such as debris, overgrown vines, fallen leaves, or overhanging branches. If you notice worn out electrical wiring or loose parts, call for an air conditioner repair technician instead of fixing these on your own.

  • Do a Test Run: Refrain from shocking your AC unit by overworking it at the onset—remember that it sat idle all winter long. When you switch on the system, begin with a fairly high temperature, then slowly ease to colder settings. Let it run for at least 10 minutes, and observe if it effectively cools down your interiors. Otherwise, an air conditioner repair specialist may need to take a look at your unit.

Why Schedule Maintenance Before Prolonged Use

Aside from routine air conditioner repairs inspections of your own, it’s also a good idea to have your AC unit checked and tuned up by a trusted HVAC contractor ahead of the warm weather. Doing so will ensure that your cooling system is performing at peak efficiency, which translates to lower energy costs even with prolonged, heavy use during the season. Preventive maintenance also reduces the likelihood of unexpected, costly air conditioner repairs. Moreover, a well-maintained AC can sometimes exceed its expected lifespan.


Before cranking up the cooling system this season, make sure to schedule air conditioner repairs and maintenance with Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning of High Point, NC. Serving clients throughout the Piedmont Triad region, they provide exceptional residential HVAC services—including maintenance, repairs, and installations. Call (336) 882-3367 for emergency heating and air repairs or request a no-obligation estimate online.

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