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A Troubleshooting Guide on Common Satellite Internet Problems April 18, 2019

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A Troubleshooting Guide on Common Satellite Internet Problems, Dexter, Missouri

Stable satellite internet access is essential, particularly if you live somewhere with limited connectivity and options. And when your connection runs into a few problems, you’re left with two choices—wait for technical support or solve these troubles on your own. If you choose to go with the latter, here’s how you can troubleshoot three of the most common issues.

How to Fix Common Satellite Internet Issues

1. No Connection

It can be frustrating when you open your browser and see ‘No Internet Connection’ splashed across the computer screen. To check if the issue isn’t limited to a specific site, open another web page; if it won’t load either, then the problem is with your satellite internet connection. Check the cables for anything loose or unplugged, and make sure that everything is in the right place. Power cycle your modem and router, if applicable, by unplugging them from the outlet for 10 seconds. Plug the cords back in and switch the device on. Do hard restarts as well on every electronic device that accesses the internet.

If power cycling doesn’t work, take a look outside and gauge the weather. Sometimes, severe weather conditions and occasional sunspots can cause temporary service interruptions. In this case, there’s nothing you can do but to wait it out. Give your satellite dish a once-over to see whether debris is blocking the signal. Or, the dish needs to be re-adjusted by a technician for a stronger signal reception.  

2. Web Pages Failed to Load

satellite internetSome satellite internet connections have data capping. When you’ve exceeded your monthly data allowance, expect a noticeable slowdown in your connection or failure of websites to load correctly. If you have data left, but some web pages do not load, try emptying your browser’s cache or deleting temporary files. It can also mean that your current browser is having a few problems of its own. Perform power cycling and restart your devices, too. If all else fails, call technical support.

3. Slow Internet Speed

Test your speed online; if it falls short of the expected bandwidth, attempt to troubleshoot it while checking for notable improvements. Power cycle, restart devices, and clear caches as needed to boost speeds. If you’ve done everything and didn’t succeed, get in touch with your internet provider for assistance since they can test your connection or reset the modem at their end.  


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