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What's Involved in a Residential Electrical Inspection? April 15, 2019

Concord, Tesson Ferry
What's Involved in a Residential Electrical Inspection?, Tesson Ferry, Missouri

Most of the time, you use appliances and turn on lights without issue or even a second thought. But wiring and outlets require periodic inspections to ensure they'll continue to work correctly and safely. A residential electrician will check and, if necessary, repair various aspects of your home's system to ensure safe everyday use. Here's an informative summary of what's involved in an inspection.

3 Critical Steps in Residential Electrical Inspection

1. Checking Service Panel

The electrical service panel is typically located outside, in the garage, or the basement. It holds the circuit breakers or fuses. Residential electricians will check these panels for regular wear and tear, smoke residue, and age. Any outdated fuses will be replaced with circuit breaker switches. Old and rusty panels are also replaced to keep the switches protected.

2. Assessing Outlets in Wet Areas

residential electricianThere are several requirements when it comes to wet areas, like bathrooms and the kitchen. An electrician will check if ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) have been installed in these areas, if light switches are away from water, and if outside outlets are also protected with GFCIs. These interrupters should be present in every area that has water and should be checked regularly.

3. Wiring Inspection

Residential electricians have to conduct a thorough inspection of the wiring system of old homes. Buildings from the 1950s to the 1970s have either knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring. Their safety features and characteristics are very different from what's being used today and might not be enough to power your appliances safely. An inspection will confirm if you need to update or replace your home's wiring to keep you safe and enhance your home's marketability.


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