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What to Include in Your Loved One's Obituary April 12, 2019

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What to Include in Your Loved One's Obituary, Chili, New York

Of all the pieces you may have to write in your lifetime, an obituary for a loved one might be most important—and most difficult—to craft. While the piece is meant to be informative, it should also tell the story of your friend or relative’s legacy. An obituary typically invites others to say their goodbyes at a funeral service as well. If you’re writing an obituary for a loved one, make sure to include the following.

3 Pieces of Information to Include in an Obituary

1. Name & Date

First, start by stating your loved one’s full legal name, as well as their nickname. Many people include their common name in quotation marks within their legal name, such as Robert “Bobby” Jones. Then, write the date on which they passed away, either as an exact numerical date or a relative phrase, such as “last Tuesday.” Unless your loved one was battling an illness and wanted it to be known, you don’t need to state the cause of their passing.

2. A Brief Biography

funeral serviceNext, move onto a short but sincere biography of your friend or relative. You can mention where they grew up, where they attended college, or what their favorite sport was. You can then describe their career, what they liked to do in their free time, and what kind of person they were. Finally, make sure to list surviving family members closest to the deceased, such as spouses, children, siblings, or grandchildren. 

3. Funeral Service Information

At this point, readers of the obituary will have a clear understanding of the impact your loved one had on their family and friends. To ensure they can pay their respects, clearly state where the funeral service will be held, at what time of day, and any special information about the ceremony such as a special dress code. Finally, you can let people know how to contact the funeral home if they have specific questions by calling or emailing the location.



If your relative or friend has recently passed away, Leo M. Bean And Sons Funeral Home can help you plan a dignified funeral service. This Rochester, NY-based funeral home has over 40 years of experience, and they can help you sort through all the details of the planning process, including crafting a meaningful obituary. For more information on their funeral and cremation services, visit the website or call (585)426-7830.

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