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How to Tell If Seasonal Allergies Are Affecting Your Pet April 19, 2019

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How to Tell If Seasonal Allergies Are Affecting Your Pet, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

When spring blooms and pollen counts are high, you may be quick to defend yourself against seasonal allergies. But did you know that humans aren’t the only ones that can be affected by this problem? Many pets — particularly cats and dogs — suffer from spring allergies, too. If you notice your pet exhibiting any of the following warning signs, talk to your veterinarian about effective treatment options.

What Are Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets?

Skin Problems

Poor skin health is one of the most common signs that an animal is suffering from seasonal allergies. When exposed to a specific allergen, pets may suffer a reaction that causes their skin to become red, swollen, and itchy. Because pets scratch to relieve their itches, they may experience excessive hair loss and will have an increased risk of infection. Allergy-related dryness may also cause cats and dogs to produce more dandruff.

Congestion and Breathing Problems

veterinarianJust like humans, seasonal allergies prompt an immune system reaction that causes congestion in animals. You may notice that your dog or cat develops more mucus around their nose and eyes. Your pet may also sneeze frequently and exhibit difficulty with breathing — such as wheezing or coughing.

Rubbing the Rear

When the body experiences an allergic reaction, the immune system will release a compound known as histamine to respond to the irritation. In high quantities, these histamines will trigger various forms of irritation — especially around a dog’s anal glands. As a result, canines with seasonal allergies will often lick or rub their rears to relieve their itches.

Chronic Ear Infections

When allergies irritate the skin in the ear, the area may become inflamed. Increased production of ear wax may also occur. Over time, these changes will throw off the ear’s skin health balance and possibly trigger an infection that requires care from a veterinarian.


Seasonal allergies may not be pleasant, but they aren’t something your pet needs to endure. Providing comprehensive in-office and mobile veterinarian services in Buckeye Lake, OH, PetPlex Animal Hospital will thoroughly check your cat or dog for food and seasonal sensitivities. If needed, this veterinarian will introduce you to a variety of effective treatment options — including antihistamine medications, skin ointments, and lifestyle changes. For more details on their routine care and pet surgery services, visit this animal hospital online. To schedule an appointment, call (740) 929-3300.

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