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5 Tips for Completing a Successful Kitchen Remodel April 12, 2019

Rockwall, Rockwall County
5 Tips for Completing a Successful Kitchen Remodel, Rockwall, Texas

Home remodeling, including updating your kitchen is one of the best ways to improve the comfort of your home, tailor it to your needs, and increase its total value. However, the remodeling process can create some temporary difficulties for your family, since you won't be able to use the kitchen. Here are some ideas to make the process go more smoothly and keep your family comfortable.

How to Make Kitchen Remodeling Easier

1. Meal Preparation 

Plan ahead for the kitchen remodel by preparing food for your family in advance. Many delicious meals can be refrigerated or frozen for days or weeks, then reheated later. Ask the general contractor how long the home remodeling will take, and prepare enough meals to last the entire time.

2. Temporary Kitchen

You can broaden your range of food options by setting up a temporary kitchen area in a dining room or another part of the house. A hot plate or camp stove and a microwave will give you convenient options for preparing food. You can also buy paper dishes you won't have to wash for convenience while you don’t have access to the dishwasher or kitchen sink. 

3. Organization 

Home RemodelingYou'll need to remove everything from the kitchen to replace cupboards and countertops, so find convenient storage solutions. For example, clear plastic bins let you see everything that’s inside. Pack similar items together and label the boxes so it will be easier to unpack neatly when the project is finished.

4. Kids & Pets

Updating your home design can be disruptive for young children and animals; if possible, arrange for them to spend time out of the house while the home remodeling project is underway. If not, set aside a room in the house where they can spend time while the contractors are working.

5. Time Away

If the activity level in the kitchen is distracting or stressful, don't be afraid to take a break. Go out for dinner to wind down and decrease the amount of meal preparation you need to do. You can also visit friends or relatives so you can relax.


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