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3 Tips for Traveling With Your MacBook® Laptop April 13, 2019

Avon, Hendricks
3 Tips for Traveling With Your MacBook® Laptop, Avon, Indiana

With their sleek design and lightweight portability, MacBook® laptops are made for people on the go. If you’ve never traveled with a laptop before, you might be wondering how to keep it safe during transit. While it’s optimal to keep the laptop by your side the entire time, it might not always be feasible. 

How to Keep Your MacBook Laptop Safe

1. Use a Secure Case

Carry the laptop in a sturdy, padded, and impact-resistant case to protect it during your travels. The laptop should fit snugly in the case, as too much room allows it to slide around and potentially get damaged. If you don’t want to get a case, consider a protective sleeve and pack it in the middle of your luggage, so your clothing can cushion it during the trip. 

2. Back It Up

Macbook LaptopBacking up the MacBook laptop before you leave gives you a little peace of mind. Accidents come sometimes happen, especially while traveling. Back up your laptop with Time Machine® or save your files to the iCloud®, so your information can easily be retrieved should you need it.

3. Keep It Protected

Though your laptop should ideally never leave your sight, traveling can bring about circumstances beyond your control. Use a passcode on your MacBook laptop to prevent unwanted access should it fall into the wrong hands. You can also leave a note with your information on or in the case if you accidentally become separated. This will allow whoever finds it to return it to you. As an extra precaution, enable Find My Mac; this allows you to track down the MacBook laptop if it becomes misplaced.


If you have any questions about your MacBook laptop, the Apple® experts at Experimac Avon in Hendricks County, IN, have the answers. They specialize in the repair and maintenance of Apple devices. Their fast, friendly, and competitively priced services will get you back up and running in no time. They even sell quality used Apple products if you’re considering an upgrade or new device. Learn more about their products online, or give them a call today at (317) 755-1341 to schedule an appointment.

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