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Need to Pack Your Dorm Room? 4 Tips to Make It Easier April 11, 2019

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Need to Pack Your Dorm Room? 4 Tips to Make It Easier, Kalispell, Montana

If you need to move out of your dorm room for summer break, you might not know where to begin. Fortunately, packing is much easier than it might appear, especially when you learn a handful of helpful tips and tricks. Between planning ahead and keeping a few items in self-storage, you can make your move-out easy this semester.

4 Tips for Packing Your Dorm Room

1. Give Yourself Time 

Packing in a hurry and throwing things into boxes puts your belongings at risk of damage. Take the stress out of your move by starting the process about three or four weeks in advance. Set aside a couple of hours each day to sort through your items, organize them, and pack them up neatly. Try to do this before finals to avoid additional stress.

2. Get Packing Supplies

self-storageBefore you start packing, you’ll need basic supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, and tape. Ask local retailers if they have any empty boxes to donate to you, and purchase everything else at an office supply or shipping store. Don’t forget markers and stickers for labeling. 

3. Make a Checklist

Create a checklist of items you need to pack. Divide them into categories, such as clothes, books, small electronics, school supplies, and wall decorations. Stay focused and organized by packing one category at a time before checking it off the list and moving onto the next. 

4. Discard, Sell, Donate, or Store Items

As you pack your items, set aside additional boxes for belongings you want to discard, sell, donate, or put into self-storage. Doing so will lighten your load. Additionally, storing items you won’t use over the summer will make your move back to campus easier in the fall.


When you need a place to keep your items until next semester, rent self-storage space from Alpine Storage, Inc. For over 25 years, this family-owned and -operated storage facility has provided spacious units to Kalispell, MT, clients. Call (406) 755-0002 to inquire about self-storage sizing and rates. Visit them online to learn more about their secure and convenient storage units.