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A Guide to Vinyl Plank & Hardwood Floors April 12, 2019

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A Guide to Vinyl Plank & Hardwood Floors, Enterprise, Alabama

New flooring has the potential to completely change the tone and character of your living space. But it can be challenging when you’re presented with a variety of high-quality options that all offer fantastic selling points, including vinyl plank and hardwood floors. Understanding how the two differ is key to making an informed decision that’s most suitable for your home. Here’s what you should know.

All About Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners consider hardwood as their first choice on the hunt for an elegant option that adds sophistication and value to the property. Classic, reliable, and versatile, hardwood fits nicely into nearly any room in the house, especially foyers, living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. It’s generally easy to clean—maintenance is as simple as running a broom over the surface at the end of the day. Using wax at least once a year is recommended to maintain the wood’s natural luster. The beauty of this material is largely in its many color and style options. Planks are available in a wide range of sizes, too, and can accommodate anything from small to large spaces perfectly. For homeowners who prefer a more personalized look, they might choose to customize the stain.

Southeastern AL hardwood floorsHowever, those with small children and pets in the house may wish to proceed with caution. If hardwood floors get wet, they may suffer water damage over time. That’s particularly true if the liquid isn’t cleaned up promptly, as it has a chance to soak through the surface and cause the wood to soften. A flooring contractor will need to replace all of the affected planks in that situation.

All About Vinyl Plank Floors

By contrast, vinyl plank floors provide homeowners on a budget with a more cost-effective alternative to hardwood. They’re designed to resemble genuine wood and are sold in long strips. They’re so precise in their imitations that you can easily find one that looks just like oak or walnut or pine, depending on your specific preferences. During flooring installation, your contractor may apply a felt backing to the planks to create a softer feel. This makes it slightly more foot-friendly if you plan to stand for long periods of time. The material is generally more forgiving than wood in terms of causing damage to fallen objects, too, and is easy to clean with a mop or a vacuum.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the material’s resistance to water. Unlike hardwood floors, vinyl planks don’t suffer damage if you spill something. Although it’s always best to wipe up messes promptly, you don’t have to worry about lingering surface issues. Vinyl planks are considerably more versatile as a result—you can even use them in bathrooms or kitchens if you particularly love the look of wood but worry about moisture control issues.


If you’re seeking a dependable flooring contractor in southeastern Alabama, look to the experts at Enterprise Wholesale. They’re proud to offer a wide range of options, including waterproof vinyl planks, carpet, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors. No matter your needs, they have the right product for the project. Visit them online to learn more or call (334) 347-7033 to speak to an expert about your project.

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