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What Are Some of the Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease? April 7, 2019

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
What Are Some of the Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease?, Henderson, Kentucky

Since April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to review some warning signs of the condition. Although there is no cure for PD, diagnosing it quickly ensures prompt medical intervention and, subsequently, a better quality of life. Whether you’re currently acting as a caregiver for an aging relative or you’re concerned about PD yourself, here are some signs of the condition to keep in mind. 

3 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease 

1. Trouble Sleeping 

Since Parkinson’s disease causes tremors and jerky, involuntary movements, those who have it may struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. While everyone has the occasional restless night, people with PD will find it hard to sleep most nights because of their shifting arms and legs. 

2. Changes in Speech 

caregiverBecause PD affects the muscles in the face, mouth, and throat, it can also affect speech. If you’re acting as the caregiver for an elderly relative and you notice a subtle change in their speech patterns, arrange for a comprehensive evaluation. Those with early PD may speak with little inflection. They may also sound hoarse or talk at a much lower volume than usual. 

3. Hunching Over 

As PD progresses, it will impact coordination and balance, thereby affecting posture. Since slouching is common with age in general, though, and can be attributed to a number of conditions — this early sign of PD is often overlooked. 


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