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3 Tips to Make a Room Feel Larger & More Relaxed April 11, 2019

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3 Tips to Make a Room Feel Larger & More Relaxed, New London, Connecticut

Tight quarters can make it difficult to kick back and enjoy yourself. Coupled with the overwhelming feeling of clutter, your home can quickly become uncomfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of cosmetic ways to improve a room. By making a few renovations, including residential painting, you can completely transform the room into a seemingly large and relaxing space.

A Guide to Making a Room Feel Bigger & More Tranquil 

1. Use Light Shades of Paint

Light-colored paints open up a room. Darker colors—even calming ones like brown—make spaces feel confined. When browsing residential painting options, use a glossy finish as well. It will reflect light, creating the illusion of more space. Some mid-tones will work as well, so gather a large selection of samples to apply to the walls and compare. To get the best results, speak to a residential painting expert.

2. Choose the Decor Wisely

residentia paintingLarge, bulky furniture can quickly crowd a small room. Opt instead for smaller streamlined furniture pieces that are uniform and maximize space. Use a large, patterned rug to create depth and cohesion and couple it with lightly patterned furniture pieces to complement the wall color. Make sure the space is comfortable, as well. Choose cozy furniture that you can spread out on and relax.

3. Pick Calming Colors

Certain colors affect our moods. Green is excellent for relaxing because it mimics the colors found in nature. Some shades can be warm, while others are calming. Blue has a similar effect because it looks like the sky and sea. Light purples are also effective and can help open up a smaller room; lavender has a regal presence but won’t overwhelm the space. 


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