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3 Benefits of Using Card Readers for Employees April 15, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
3 Benefits of Using Card Readers for Employees, Ewa, Hawaii

Security cameras are an effective way to deter theft and break-ins at the workplace, but they can’t prevent these acts from taking place. Access control systems can. By installing access control systems on important doors in your workplace, you can require employees to use card readers instead of keys to enter buildings and restricted areas. These cards, which feature unique identification codes, can improve security and even make your employees more efficient. Below are three noteworthy benefits of using card readers in the workplace.     

3 Advantages of Card Readers in the Workplace

1. Keep Personnel Safe

Having access control systems posted throughout your business allows managers and security personnel to track where employees are at any given time. This can come in handy in emergencies such as fires. If a person is unaccounted for after evacuation, rescuers can look at the log of their possible whereabouts based on where their access control card was last swiped.  

2. Stop Unauthorized Entry

Waipahu-Hawaii-access-controlWhen employees are issued cards, it’s easier for the receptionist or security guard at the front desk to tell who is and isn’t authorized to enter the building. If anyone tries to pass by undetected, they’ll know to ask them to leave or wait for management to assist. This prevents solicitors and criminals from gaining access to your business. 

3. Make Employees More Accountable 

Access control systems log the times when key cards are swiped. This means there will be a record of when each employee leaves the office in the middle of the day and for how long. This could curb long smoke breaks, errands run during business hours, and additional tasks that take time away from employees’ daily responsibilities. 



If you want to make your business safer and more efficient, reach out to the technicians at Automatic Door Specialists in Waipahu, HI, for information on installing an access control system at your workplace. Certified by the American Association of Automated Door Manufacturers, the licensed technicians have been providing clients on Oahu and the neighboring islands with high-quality automatic doors, card readers, and additional equipment and impeccable installation services for over 30 years. To discuss your business needs, call (808) 678-8880. You can also visit the company online to learn more about their products and services or connect with them on Facebook

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