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3 Benefits Headlight Restoration Offers April 12, 2019

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
3 Benefits Headlight Restoration Offers, Lincoln, Nebraska

Perhaps your car headlights have sustained numerous scratches. Maybe they have become discolored. For whatever reason, if they aren’t illuminating dark streets the way they used to, don’t allow these pieces of auto glass to deteriorate further. Instead, consider the below reasons to have your headlights restored.

Why Prioritize Headlight Refinishing?

1. Increase Visibility

Headlights that are marred with scratches or have become cloudy due to trapped moisture require cleaning, sanding, and polishing from an auto glass repair shop. Otherwise, you may have trouble seeing the road ahead of you at night or during inclement weather, such as fog. Other vehicles might also find it difficult to see you. With Lancaster County alone having over 6,000 crashes in 2017, you should take advantage of every opportunity to keep yourself and your family a little safer.

2. Improve Vehicle Appearance & Value

auto glassAdditionally, scratched up or dirty headlights tend to age your vehicle’s appearance. This not only can affect your opinion of your car while you have it but can also lower its resale or trade-in value when it’s time to move on to another vehicle.

3. Save Money

Headlight replacements cost anywhere from $250 to $700 per light, depending on factors such as the vehicle’s make and model. If yours is a classic car with limited part availability, for example, the cost for a new one is likely high. However, by requesting restoration services from your local auto glass repair shop, you can reverse some problems and halt the progression of others, so your headlights remain usable longer.


If you need headlight restoration, rely on Capital Auto Glass to do the job right. These experts provide drivers throughout Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas with installation and replacement services that keep vehicles safe and driveable. Mobile services are also available so you do not have to drive with a broken windshield or other serious auto glass damage. Call (402) 421-6653 today to schedule an appointment or contact them online for a free quote.

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