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3 Springtime Tips for Lower HVAC Energy Consumption April 22, 2019

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3 Springtime Tips for Lower HVAC Energy Consumption, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Energy consumption tends to spike in the winter and summer, so many homeowners want to give their wallets and HVAC systems a break in the spring. By leveraging the natural warmth and taking care of HVAC service when needed, you can reduce your bills and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Below are a few ways to boost your energy efficiency this spring.

3 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs During Spring

1. Schedule HVAC Services

After using your furnace heavily during winter, have the system tuned up. This will ensure it will run efficiently in fall when it’s time to turn the heat back on. Additionally, a springtime HVAC service appointment allows your contractor to check and repair your AC system before it becomes essential for daily use. This not only helps your systems operate more efficiently, but it can also prevent a breakdown later.

2. Open Your Windows

HVAC servicesOpening the windows in the spring is a multi-faceted money saver. Lighting your home with sunlight lowers your electric bill. It also helps with the temperature in your home. During the day, the sun will keep your home warm, and when the temperatures climb, open windows allow a breeze to cool the inside. Close them at night to keep the warmth in, and do not open them if your heat or air conditioning is on.

3. Save Your Chores for Later

Many of your daily chores create heat in your home, causing you to spend more on your electric bill trying to cool it back down. Dryers, dishwashers, and ovens are some of the biggest offenders. Avoid using these appliances during the warmer parts of the day. Do your laundry in the evening when it’s cooler, and air-dry your clothing on clotheslines or drying racks to reduce heat created by the dryer. On especially hot days, avoid using the oven or stovetop. Grill outside to keep the warmth out of your home, or prepare some no-cook meals, such as salad.


If you need HVAC services this spring to boost your efficiency, call Walter’s-Eaton’s Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and AC. This team provides reliable repair and installation services to Ellsworth, WI, and the surrounding areas. This experienced team of skilled professionals will inspect, diagnose, and repair your HVAC system quickly, and they will help you boost your home’s energy efficiency. Check out their website to see their list of services, and call (715) 273-5589 to schedule an appointment.

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