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How Can You Help Someone With an Alcohol Addiction? April 6, 2019

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How Can You Help Someone With an Alcohol Addiction?, Lorain, Ohio

Often, when a person sees someone they love struggling with alcohol addiction, they will feel helpless or unsure of what to do. Navigating this challenging disease is difficult for those directly suffering from it and for their close friends and family members. If you believe a loved one has a problem with alcohol, you can help — but the matter should be approached delicately. The following are several points for addressing an alcohol addiction.

A Guide to Helping a Loved One With Alcoholism

Voice Your Concerns at an Appropriate Time

The first step in confronting alcoholism is addressing the issue with your loved one. Sometimes, friends and family may deny the issue, but when alcohol use begins to negatively affect you or your loved one’s quality of life, it’s time to step in. Approach the issue gently by sharing your concerns about their health and avoiding blame. Choose a time when they haven’t been drinking, and stress is minimal. If needed, consider gathering other friends and loved ones to hold an intervention, especially if the person isn’t receptive to getting help after other discussions.

Offer to Assist in Getting Them Help

alcohol addictionEducating yourself on treatment options is a way to show someone struggling with alcoholism that you’re ready to help. While it’s possible for an addict to detox on their own, professional intervention is often necessary. Removing all substances from the body can be a dangerous process to perform independently, and withdrawal symptoms may become severe. Moreover, your loved one will likely need professional support and counseling to navigate the early recovery process. Research addiction centers in your area and have a plan in place to assist them with getting the help they need.

Support Them Through Recovery

For someone with an alcohol addiction, recovery is a lifelong process. Friends and family members need to understand that temptations may come again, and recovering alcoholics will have good days and bad days. Choosing not to drink in front of an addict is one way you can dissuade temptation. Ultimately, patience and compassion are the most useful tools you can provide to support your friend or family member as they work through recovery.


If someone you know has an alcohol addiction, The LCADA Way in Lorain County, OH, will help. For nearly 40 years, this treatment and rehab facility has guided individuals through overcoming addictions and substance abuse issues with compassionate yet effective care. They also provide resources for family members, including education on the best practices for helping a loved one recover. Learn more about how you can get your loved one help by visiting their website or by calling (440) 989-4900.

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