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3 Fencing Trends for Homeowners to Consider in 2019 April 16, 2019

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3 Fencing Trends for Homeowners to Consider in 2019, Spencerport, New York

Installing a fence is beneficial to homeowners who hope to increase their security or boost curb appeal. But with so many trends to consider in 2019, it may be tricky deciding on the best style for your home. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you discuss options with your fence contractor.

Fence Installation Trends to Consider in 2019

1. Add Some Color

Neutral fence colors like black, brown, and tan are common elements on most landscapes. They contrast well with most architectural styles and home colors. For homeowners interested in adding a splash of visual intrigue to the outdoor area, adding a little color is the perfect solution. You might paint your picket fence a more dramatic hue, such as forest green or navy blue, or you may opt for a lighter shade if you want something less imposing. You can also consider the colors in your garden if you want your fence contractor to tie it more closely to your exterior living space.

2. Include Some Flowers

Spencerport, NY fence contractor If you already have a standard white picket fence or a neutral shade that looks a little less than lively, elevate its appearance by implementing some floral elements into the mix. Adding bright blossoms instantly livens up the area and elevates your home’s curb appeal. They can even transform standard fencing into privacy fences by adding a little extra coverage.

3. Enhance Your Feature

Although many homeowners install privacy fences solely to elevate security, that doesn’t mean the fence has to be visually boring. For example, adding a few lights to a tall fence will build upon your property’s existing safety and brighten up your garden at night. Your fence contractor can even create an extension of the fence with a pergola if backyard space allows.


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