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3 Fun & Safe Swimming Pool Games for Kids May 3, 2019

Kihei, Maui
3 Fun & Safe Swimming Pool Games for Kids, Kihei, Hawaii

With summer break right around the corner, you’re probably starting to dream about your swimming pool and all the fun your family will have in it. In addition to ensuring your pool supplies are in working order, brainstorming child-friendly games in advance can help you make the most of your pool. Here are a few games parents can play with their children in the water.

3 Swimming Pool Games Kids Can Play Safely

1. Simon Says

A pool version of Simon Says can keep children and adults active and entertained on a pool day. Choose a person to be “Simon” outside the pool and call out instructions such as touching your nose, touching the bottom of the pool, or swimming to the edge and back. If a player starts to follow the order when the leader doesn’t say “Simon Says” first, they’re out. 

2. Freeze Tag

Swimming PoolFreeze tag can be easily translated to a swimming pool game if played in the shallow end where children can comfortably stand.

First, players choose one person to be “It” and try to tag other players. Once they’re touched, a player must freeze in place with their legs apart. Another player can unfreeze them by swimming between their legs underwater, allowing them to rejoin the chase.

3. Ball Toss

If you’re playing with younger children who aren’t avid swimmers yet, ball toss is a fun, simple game that doesn’t require treading water or speed swimming.

To play, first place a few frisbees upside down in the water so they float. Assign a point value to each mark according to how far they are from the land. Next, each player can take turns trying to toss balls on the frisbees to score points.


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