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What Is DPF Cleaning? April 16, 2019

Pagedale, St. Louis County
What Is DPF Cleaning?, Pagedale, Missouri

Almost every diesel truck or vehicle has a diesel particulate filter. This component is meant to collect soot that’s produced by the engine. It’s crucial for reducing emissions and is required for all modern diesel fuel engines. However, over time that soot can build up and cause problems. That’s where DPF cleaning comes in.

A Guide to DPF Cleaning

What Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Is

The process of DPF cleaning involves applying compressed air, heat, or a liquid solution to the filter to remove blockages. Some vehicles apply exhaust heat automatically when the DPF reaches a certain capacity, but this isn’t always sufficient to remove the carbon material that builds up along the walls of the filter. Actual DPF cleaning services ensure that the entire filter is clean and free of debris.

Why It’s Important

dpf cleaningThe DPF can greatly impact the performance of a vehicle. If there’s a blockage, then fuel doesn’t burn as efficiently. A backup of carbon and ash can also affect the life span of certain engine components, and in some cases contributes to premature engine failure. Replacing the filter can also be quite expensive, so schedule regular cleanings to save money and keep the engine functioning as it should.

How to Tell When You Need It

Your vehicle should have a DPF warning light on the dashboard that indicates the need for regeneration. However, most vehicles handle this process automatically, so you don’t necessarily need to take action unless the light stays on for days. However, be on the lookout for other signs that indicate the need for cleaning, like decreased fuel economy or frequent DPF regeneration cycles.


If you need to schedule DPF cleaning for your large diesel vehicle, American Radiator in Saint Louis, MO, will help. The industrial radiator service provider is one of the top names in the industry when it comes to quality and reliability. With more than 65 years of combined experience, the team provides in-depth knowledge about radiators and other components used in heavy-duty equipment. You can learn more about the company’s services online or call (314) 725-3357 to inquire about assistance.

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