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How Can You Prevent Roof Condensation? April 16, 2019

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How Can You Prevent Roof Condensation?, Dayton, Ohio

Condensation might be frustrating when it pools rings of water on your coffee table, but when it destroys your roof from the inside out, it is crucial to identify and resolve the causes. Here is a little more information about why condensation forms under metal roofing and what you can do to prevent the issue. 

Understanding Roof Condensation 

What Causes Metal Roof Condensation? 

Condensation occurs anytime there is more moisture in the air than it can hold. Metal roofs are especially prone to condensation because they tend to be cooler, attracting water droplets that can cool and collect on surfaces.

Unfortunately, water can be incredibly corrosive to metal, contributing to issues like rust accumulation, corrosion, and roof leaks. Over time, fasteners that connect metal roofing can break and come apart, allowing wind, weather, and pests to enter into homes. 

How Can You Prevent Condensation?

metal roofingFortunately, you can prevent metal roofing condensation by doing something as simple as bolstering your attic insulation. A well-insulated, well-vented attic can help the temperature in your space to stay level, while also preventing unwanted moisture buildup in the air.

Roofing contractors can also add a moisture barrier against your metal roofing to prevent water buildup that could cause corrosion. Foam insulation around metal roofing can also make it easier for the system to prevent reaching its dew point, eliminating the problem. 


Whether you suspect that you have condensation forming under your metal roofing or you know it’s time for a new roof, the team at Buckeye Home Services can be of assistance. With more than 70 years’ worth of combined experience, this team of professional remodeling contractors can help with everything from siding and window installations to roofing and insulation. Find out more about their services by visiting their website or giving their office a call at (937) 586-6600.

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